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  Invisible Hit Counter  

Invisible Hit Counter, Invisible Blog Counter

We are proud to provide a 100% free invisible hit counter and invisible blog counter so you can track your website or blog visitors without spoiling your page's design.

To get started just register an account with us (our service is free), and then add the website(s) you want to track. We will provide easy step by step instructions once you are in the members area.

But what is a hit counter at all? Well it's a popular software tool that enables webmasters have statistical information about the people who visit their websites. That's what we do, we don't track server requests like the applications provided by web hosting companies, we track browsers which ensures we are tracking real human beings instead of machines or search engines bots.

Using a hit counter doesn't require advanced technical knowledge. You just need to have access to the code of your website to insert a small script, and then upload the updated pages to your server. This is normally daily task to most webmasters, even beginners.

Then you can login to your members area at www.ExpertCounter.com at any time you like to watch your website statistics and reports. You can check them daily, once per week, once a month or whenever you feel curious about what's going on with your website(s).

We don't want to affect the look of your website, that's why we offer the option to add an invisible hit counter to your pages, totally free. Some members opt to show a counter image on their websites, so finally the decision whether to use the regular counter or the invisible hit counter is completely up to you.

Other features we provide are real-time statistics and multiple website tracking, meaning you can track multiple websites from one single account.

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